5 Tenets

1. Treat others the way that you would treat yourself.


2. Include people of any race, gender, religion, and nationality, but ensure that they are worth playing with. Test them and discern their merits for yourself. Do not make baseless assumptions about an individual without first providing evidence for your claim.


3. Freely criticize and praise public figures, games, and developers, but remember to keep your cool. Harassing and threatening isn’t a way to get your point across.


4.  Your free speech is guaranteed, encouraged, and protected within this community and in the public space. Feel free to exercise it.


5. Being sportsmanlike and refraining from engaging in “toxic” behavior will make life more pleasant for all parties involved.


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  1. An Observer Reply

    Does WotC know you’re using their copyrighted material without permission?

    Shouldn’t you be doing big-person things instead of wasting time on this?

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