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As of yesterday we have been selected to organize a panel at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The panel is scheduled to take place during the “Interactive” portion of the massive Austin convention (March 11-15) and we hope will draw in a sizable crowd.

At the onset there was some confusion as a twitter account known as @GamergateTweets was originally trying to organize it. He was met with massive disapproval and I was recommended as an organizer. I accepted the recommendation and now look forward to putting together a fantastic panel. However, I think it’s important that I mention that the Open Gaming Society is in no way affiliated with Mr. Craig Brittain or his past endeavors. Up until yesterday we had no knowledge of who he was or what he had done, and we had to be informed of his misdeeds. We apologize for any confusion or skepticism this may have caused.

As for the panel itself it will be focusing on the following topics:

The current social-political climate within the gaming community.

The importance of journalistic integrity in video game’s media.

The future of both the gaming community and the games industry.

Proposed panelists at the moment are:

Mark Ceb

Jennifer Dawe

Oliver Campbell

Chloe Price

Paolo Munoz

Mercedes Carrera

There are other proposed panelists who have yet to confirm interest in the panel, but we look forward to having a large selection to choose from.

We submitted a proposal to the SXSW panel committee. They will review our panel submission and give us their decision in October. This may sound disheartening, but let me assure you that The Open Gaming Society will make every attempt to ensure that a panel happens. Even if SXSW declines our proposal in October we will make every effort to put on a panel during SXSW and we will exhaust all necessary resources.

We are excited to be given the opportunity to work on a project of this caliber and can’t wait to see its fruition. We hope that you will stay tuned both here on our website and on social media (Twitter/Facebook) for more information regarding the panel as it becomes available. If you wish to talk about the panel on social media we ask that you please use the hashtag #SavePoint. Please follow us and give us your feedback on the panel. Also, remember to check out the various literature available here on our site to learn more about our organization. We’d like to thank everyone for their interest, their enthusiasm, and their continued support as we prepare for SXSW 2016!

If you have questions regarding the panel please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @OPGamingSociety , on Facebook, or by email admin@theopengamingsociety.org .

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Written by Perry Jones

I'm the Founder of and Editor for the Open Gaming Society. I've played games since the age of 6 and hope to someday make a career of making them. I love this industry with all my heart and want to see it move on to a better place. You can almost always find me buried in some game whether it be The Witcher, GTA, League of Legends, or The Elder Scrolls - I'm always playing something.

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