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Hello everyone,

It’s been a long two weeks and so much has happened. This event has become something so much bigger than we ever could have anticipated, but today we have good news! SXSW has decided to put on an all day summit covering Online Harassment – you can read their full press release here.

So what does this mean for #SavePoint? How will our ideas and issues expressed in the original proposal change? We firmly believe that dialogue is the best way to bring about meaningful change. Sometimes this means that you have to be willing to be flexible. We wanted to find the best balance between the old and new ideas and we think we’ve got something very positive on our hands. The new SavePoint panel aims to discuss important topics surrounding the gaming community and media. We especially plan to tackle the media’s coverage of harassment and the hostile climate that some see as a direct result of poor research, and ethical practices. We also plan to delve into social-political climate of the gaming community/industry and how it has been reported on by the media.

Gamers for so long have been waiting for their chance to speak up about the poor representation they’ve received in the media, and SavePoint is that opportunity! We want to invite everyone from all sides of this discussion to come together and and engage in what we hope will be a positive, and constructive discussion about our vibrant and rapidly growing community.

While some of the changes are a bit sudden we hope that everyone will understand that these are ALL topics that need discussing. However we know that these topics can be particularly inflammatory and the debates can get … heated. So let’s all try to foster better, more civil discussions on social media, in our live streams, and in other forums. The last thing that anyone wants is a repeat of the previous fiasco. So again I want to ask everyone, stay calm. I also want to mention that the ideas listed for the panel can change over time. We wanted to keep them as broad as we could so that many different “micro-discussions” could be had.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend, and that productive discussions will be held between now and march 12!


Thank you,

Perry Jones

Found and President of The Open Gaming Society

Written by Perry Jones

I'm the Founder of and Editor for the Open Gaming Society. I've played games since the age of 6 and hope to someday make a career of making them. I love this industry with all my heart and want to see it move on to a better place. You can almost always find me buried in some game whether it be The Witcher, GTA, League of Legends, or The Elder Scrolls - I'm always playing something.

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  1. Arsalan Reply

    The OGS needs to get SXSW to invite more speakers. SXSW allowed a whole host of speakers that they picked to come over. The OGS should also urge SXSW to invite Milo Yiannopoulos, Cathy Young, David Auerbach, Christina Sommers, Ashe Schow and Oliver Campbell, to get more diverse voices to speak on online harassment.

    I hope the OGS will urge SXSW to do this.

    • eas Reply

      Milo Yiannopoulos?? What will he speak about, opportunistically glomming on to a controversy in an area he’s had no previous association with in order to push his outside agenda.

      Perhaps you can join them too, and speak on being a tool for tools?

  2. Profile photo of Shaun E Gustafson
    Shaun E Gustafson ReplyReport user

    That’s the problem though… We have been trying to strive for better represenation and be able to talk about the actual matters at hand, but we keep getting lumped into harassment to fit their narrative. We’ve been flexible over and over again and the same thing keeps happening.

    This panel was supposed to be about the issue in journalism, and isntead now it’s back to harassment, which is right where they want to keep us forever.

    We do need more represenation now I feel, especially since they piled a whole bunch of names on there who are going to just try to frame gamers as sexist harassers once again.

  3. Ken Bach Reply

    If possible, please get Lianna Kerzner invited. She has gone over detailed anti-harassment strategies on her YouTube channel and is a very non-partisan, reasonable speaker. She would make a great counter to the ideologues that are currently on the list.

  4. Anymoose Reply

    This is fine. Don\’t forget that every single journalist who has brought up the harassment from one side only has been giving tacit approval for the Identity Politicians to carry on with their doxing, threats, bomb threats and so on.

  5. TerribleKiki Reply

    If this is being wrapped into a summit for harassment, then maybe take advantage of that? A good example would be to bring up Paige Paz and how SJWs on twitter harassed her for her artwork until she attempted to commit suicide. It’s 100% possible to play the same game if they want it to be done that way. Or maybe point out how people are reacting to Don London’s method of asking people to wait for more details and getting a lot of hate for daring to suggest that people wait before leveling judgment on the cop who threw the student out of her desk.

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