[#SavePoint]Coming Full Circle

Almost a month ago we announced #SavePoint: A Discussion on the Gaming Community. Since then many changes have occurred, a lot has transpired, and we’ve learned some valuable lessons. However, today we’d like to bring this all full circle.

Though we were slated to be on the newly created, day-long summit on online harassment, we’ve been at odds with the idea of our panel being included. We were more than happy to make adjustments to the panel’s topics to help fit in with the broader topic at hand, but we understood that it didn’t quite belong. We’ve received overwhelming feedback from our community (see below), and are happy to announce that the #SavePoint panel will be moved to its original spot in the SXSW Interactive Festival. We will host the same panelists, and discuss the panel’s original topics. This decision came after having several high level talks with SXSW organizers, and we are extremely happy with the outcome.

Note: the response rate of this particular poll was low (less than 256).

With this move we will be able to discuss the topics and issues we’d originally set out to, all of our original speakers will be in attendance, and it will continue to be free and open to the public.

The Open Gaming Society is committed to fostering positive, constructive discussions, and invite anyone and everyone to attend the panel. Our goal is to have an open and honest discussion on the gaming community and its issues therein. However, discourse can often times lead to high tensions and even higher tempers. So we ask that everyone, online and off, do their best to keep the conversations civil and constructive. Shouting down at anyone won’t help you get your point across. Let’s all proceed with calm minds and allow for rational discussions. We’ve only got three rules here: no spittin’, no fightin’, and use coasters.


Perry Jones,

Founder and President of The Open Gaming Society

Written by Perry Jones

I'm the Founder of and Editor for the Open Gaming Society. I've played games since the age of 6 and hope to someday make a career of making them. I love this industry with all my heart and want to see it move on to a better place. You can almost always find me buried in some game whether it be The Witcher, GTA, League of Legends, or The Elder Scrolls - I'm always playing something.

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  1. Jay Reply

    Fantastic news 🙂 I’m so glad that the attempts to derail us have ultimately failed. I look forward to the coverage of this event (although I might give the mainstream media a miss this time around)

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