Harper Alerion
I began writing for the Open Gaming Society in November 2015. A passionate human rights and free speech advocate, I hope to one day work for the Office for Intellectual Freedom after completing an MLIS program. When I’m not busy scribbling one thing or the other, I can be found reading, taking photos, or indulging catatonically in quarter-life existentialism.
Derek Behunin
Derek Behunin is a new writer and has yet to write a bio.
Fabian Gonsior
No Bio as of yet.
Perry Jones
I'm the Founder of and Editor for the Open Gaming Society. I've played games since the age of 6 and hope to someday make a career of making them. I love this industry with all my heart and want to see it move on to a better place. You can almost always find me buried in some game whether it be The Witcher, GTA, League of Legends, or The Elder Scrolls - I'm always playing something.

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