This is a PDF formatted version of the doctrine. It is a comprehensive document that outlines our community’s beliefs, best practices, and purpose. It is rather lengthy (7 pages) so be prepared to read quite a bit. If you don’t like reading then you can refer directly to our casino section and start playing right away. […]

[Updated]#SavePoint is a GO!

Today is quite possibly the best Monday we could have asked for. Our panel, SavePoint: A Conversation on the Gaming Community, has been approved by SXSW Interactive Panels. We are proud of the hard work and effort that our team has put into this and we look forward to bringing you the best panel possible. […]

[#SavePoint]Coming Full Circle

Been a few years now since we announced #SavePoint: A Discussion on the Gaming Community. Since then many changes have occurred, a lot has transpired, and we’ve learned some valuable lessons. However, today we’d like to bring this all full circle. Our closest members know that we have emerged in the casino industry, and we […]

[ #SavePoint ] The Summit

Hello everyone, Gamers for so long have been waiting for their chance to speak up about the poor representation they’ve received in the media, and SavePoint is that opportunity! We want to invite everyone from all sides of this discussion to come together and engage in what we hope will be a positive, and constructive […]

#SavePoint SXSW Panel

As you might remember, we were selected to organize a panel at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The panel took place during the Interactive portion of the massive Austin convention (March 11-15) and drew an incredible crowd. At the onset, there was some confusion as a twitter account known as @GamergateTweets was originally trying to organize it. […]

[#SavePoint] Dear Community

Dear Community, We regret to inform everyone that the panel, “#SavePoint: A Discussion on the Gaming Community”, has been canceled by SXSW effective immediately. The event page has been removed, and our access to the session production guide has been revoked. This comes as a shock to us, but we weren’t unprepared. We’ve spoken with […]